Friday, 25 January 2008

The Story of Bear

This is Bear.

I crocheted Bear last year. I'm not sure why, I just had the wool lying around and I thought it would be fun to try and make a teddy. I think I had some vague idea of selling him on Etsy. I wish I'd written down the pattern now because this one isn't going anywhere.

And that's because Mark loves Bear. As soon as Bear was finished, he took him to sit on the armchair. He always sits Bear nearby - on the arm of the chair, on top of the CD tower next to it, or on his lap. Sometimes when he's wearing a zip-up jumper he undoes it a few inches and tucks Bear into the top with his head peeping out. May I remind you here that Mark is my 31-year-old husband? But he loves that bear! I could never take it away.

Bear was made in seperate pieces, basically two not-quite-complete spheres for the head and body, four tubes for the arms and legs and semi-circular pieces for the ears. His muzzle is a separate flat piece. His nose is felt and his mouth and eyes are embroidered with black wool. His scarf is crocheted as well. I was going to make a matching hat but never got round to it, maybe one day I will.

I also have a couple of other photos to share - these are the two blankets I'm working on at the moment. First the crochet one:

and then the pinwheel one:


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  1. i havent ever said you couldnt sell bear. But he did tell me he likes living with us!