Tuesday, 22 January 2008


I think most people have heard my exciting news by now, but just in case anyone only reads here and doesn't know me anywhere else (unlikely I think), I'll tell you now. I'm pregnant! Here is an illustrative picture that was taken yesterday:

I'm sure you can see all the stunningly high detail available on the high-end NHS equipment. Yes, I'm aware it's a blob, but it's a blob with a heartbeat! And it is 1.69cm long, or at least it was yesterday, it might be 1.7cm long now. Exciting! By the end of August it should be ready to join the outside world.

And now, just to prove I'm not going to bang on about babies (and nothing else) for months, I'll update you on my current crafty projects. At the moment I'm working on:

1) a pair of socks made from left-over sock wool, with contrast heels and toes - stalled halfway through one sock. These have sort of been put to one side for a bit but I'm OK with that.

2) crochet baby blanket for Chris and Nicola - babies, sorry! But this is coming along nicely, which is good, because it needs to be finished for April. Seven and a half more rounds to go. This is my main project at the moment because I want to get it done; not that I'm not enjoying it, but it's time-consuming and it has a deadline!

3) pinwheel blanket - a friend in America sent me some very pretty variegated wool, so I started this blanket because it shows off the colours nicely. I've done the main bit, partway through a crochet edging at the moment. Very near the end so I should just get this finished but when I have crocheting time I always work on my other blanket.

And in the queue coming up next are:

1) wrap cardigan - Jen gave me the wool for this for my birthday, so I really should start at some point! Especially as it's a spring cardigan really. It's going to be a lovely yellow, and I'll start it as soon as I finish something else, assuming it doesn't get bumped for:

2) baby cardigan - sorry sorry sorry. Anyone would think it's on my mind. Anyway, I ordered some baby bamboo wool (seriously, it's made out of bamboo! How cool is that?) that's a lovely apple green colour to make a tiny cardigan. And hopefully a hat as well if there's some left over, which there should be.

A lot of knitters online seem to start projects whenever they want to, and then have hundreds on the go at once. I couldn't do that; I'd feel dreadfully guilty about all the things I hadn't finished. I already feel guilty about the fact I have THREE ongoing projects and I usually try to limit myself to two. Also I must take some photos of these things soon.

Also I need to take a photo of the crochet finger protector (pat. pend.) I made at the weekend. I found that when I crochet for a while, the wool starts to make a groove in my left index finger (note for Mark: that's the one next to the thumb). The crochet finger protector (pat. pend.) is a bit of felt held on with a bit of elastic, and it keeps my finger groove-free. It doesn't affect my tension because that's controlled by the wool being wrapped round my left little finger (which doesn't seem to get a groove in it, as far as I can tell. Maybe one day it'll just fall off).

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  1. Ack! Hooray for the blob with the heartbeat, and congratulations! I'm so thrilled for you!