Tuesday, 4 March 2008


Well, it didn't snow the day after that post, but it did snow this morning. Only for a little while, then it turned to sleet, then rain, and now it's just cold and blowy. I am so ready for spring now.

I started work on my clover cardigan but found after a couple of inches that my pattern was a stitch out in at least two places. Apparently I can't count to five. So I frogged it back to the top of the ribbing and am trying again.

Not much else to report. Mum and Dad are back from their Antipodean jaunt, I spoke to them yesterday and they sounded very sleepy. We're going down to Sussex at the weekend to visit them and also see the sister and her husband. Might even manage to meet up with some friends as well which will be good.

Sorry for no photos today....I promise I'll take some as soon as the sun comes out!


  1. It's a shame I'm not around in Sussex at the weekend, it would be lovely to see you :)

  2. And you too my dear! Never mind I'm sure I shall see you soon.