Monday, 31 March 2008

Spring has sprung

The second lovely, sunny day on the trot. I'm sorry to keep banging on about the weather but it does have such an effect on my mood. I have some washing outside drying at the moment and that makes me happy too, because it will smell so nice when it's dry. Hooray for spring!

This is how far I've got with my wrap cardigan. To be fair I have been doing other things as well, but this cardigan is taking ages. I should have realised that, because when I was planning it I read other people's comments and blog posts about the pattern, but I wanted to make it anyway. It's not a really bad thing, I think I'm just going to need to always work on something else at the same time so I don't get bored. I'm about halfway up the back, and there are two fronts, two sleeves, and an unholy length of ties to go after that.

This is the Flourish bookmark by Nina Casey. I've not done a lot of knitted lace before, and certainly nothing this complicated, but I enjoyed it. I found I had to pay a bit more attention than I normally do to my knitting, though. Trying to work on it while watching the last episode of Ashes to Ashes was probably a mistake. I had to unpick several rows and do them again but it turned out all right so it doesn't matter. I'm contemplating knitting a proper lace shawl so I think I need to try a few more bookmarks for practice, then dive in.


  1. OOOOHHH an update, I've been looking for one for ages. The lace knitting is lovely :)

  2. I've been checking for updates too :) Yay for spring indeed - not only has it been sunny for the past two days, it's now still light until almost 8pm!

    Your knitting is so pretty :) Your cardigan looks lovely and summery!