Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Bob update!

We had the Big Scan on Monday and it was most excellent. The amount of detail you can see is amazing. Sadly Bob was being a bit unco-operative and we mainly saw her from the side, as in the picture above (head to the right, then you can see the spine quite clearly, the dark patch in her chest is her heart. And you can see a thigh and knee in the bottom left).

And yes I said 'her'! The ultrasound operator said she couldn't see completely clearly, but she was about 80% sure that it was a little girl. We weren't going to have everything pink or blue anyway, so we've decided to say 'she' and 'her' and if we're wrong then, well, it'll be a funny story to write in the baby book. ;)

Other than that, not a lot. Mark has swapped his blue Vauxhall Astra for a blue Renault Scenic, as part of his preparation for becoming a responsible family man. The weather is getting slowly better (no more snow thank goodness!) and I'm starting to think about the garden. I planted some sweetcorn seeds and I'm going to have about 23,000 plants I think. But I like sweetcorn so that's OK. And the knitted blanket is coming along nicely, I have some of it sewn together now and will need to take a photo. And I think that's all.


  1. Congratulations! Bob is lovely.

  2. Awwww :) Lovely little scanbaby there. She/he will be cute, I can just tell!!