Monday, 19 May 2008

Further usefulness

This is the other thing I sewed last week while I was being useful.

It's a cot tidy! It will hang from the side of the cot and hold all kinds of things I'm sure. At the moment it's just holding Bear (he gets everywhere). And because we don't have the cot yet a) it's hanging from the curtain rail in the dining room and b) the two outside straps are only pinned on. Once I know the spacing of the bars I'll be able to sew them into place.

The main part of it is a sandwich of white cotton, polyester wadding and yellow polycotton. The pockets are two layers of green polycotton, bound with orange ribbon. The colour scheme is not completely random; it was inspired by the moses basket we're going to get. So expect to see more green, yellow and orange. I have plenty of the fabric left and am planning to make a nappy-stacker next. And I need to make a cushion cover as well, although I'm not sure if I'm going to crochet that; perhaps crochet but lined with the matching fabric might be the best idea. Hmm.

Oh, and in other news, Mouse and Rabbit are now in the shop.


  1. Oh Anna that moses basket is so lovely! I'm not sure what a nappy-stacker is....? xoxoxoxo

  2. It's a thing like this: to put nappies in. I had a look at one in the shop and it doesn't look hard at all.