Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Bits and bobs and Bob

Blogger tells me that I have posted 48 times on this blog, making this post 49. Since 50 is such a nice round number, I've decided to have a little competition tomorrow. What it will be, I haven't decided yet. But I'm curious to know who is actually reading this and giving things away might draw out some lurkers, if lurkers there be! So need to have a little think about that. Announcement tomorrow!

Our main projects here at the moment are all baby-related. I'm 30 weeks now and it seems to be creeping up very quickly! Mark has started work on the baby's room - he's clearing it out as we speak (does anyone need any bookcases?). Then it will be decorated, and have a new carpet as the old one is pretty manky. And after that, he has some flat-packs to deal with. So he will be a busy boy.

Cam is pretty relaxed about the whole thing, though:


  1. I'm reading it!

  2. I'm reading it too! Jen xoxo

  3. Thirty weeks!! Wow. Good luck with the finishing of the babe room. Ah, flatpacks. I remember fondly the assembly of my son's IKEA dresser when I was 30 weeks or so, and the many colorful words I used. It's 9-plus years on, and the dresser is still good as new, though.