Wednesday, 4 June 2008


On Saturday I actually got round to sorting out the contents of my greenhouse. I had some seeds I planted a while back, and some plants that Mum and Dad gave me, um, about a month ago. I realised that I have quite a few edible things growing this year - normally I focus on the flowers because, y'know, they're pretty. And there are still flowers. But this post is about things for eating.

These are some of my sweet pepper plants. I'm growing these instead of the tomatoes that I usually grow and then don't know what to do with as we don't really eat raw tomatoes. I love peppers though.

These are sweetcorn (and a couple more peppers). I have a ton of these - there were quite a few seeds in the packet and I planted them all because, well, why not. I have a tray of them put by for Sarah and I planted some out in the flowerbeds but there are still lots left in the greenhouse. Good thing I like sweetcorn.

I just realised I forgot to take a photo of the rhubarb plant. Mark has a rhubarb plant. He had one before, a couple of years ago, but we put it in a spot that was a bit dark and it didn't do well. We've planted the new one in a flowerbed that gets lots of sun and it seems to be doing better.

The apple tree is also Mark's. It's two years old now. Last year we had plenty of delicious apples and this year we are looking forward to more of the same, provided I remember to go and get a refill for the moth trap.

And here are some lettuce plants that Dad gave me. They're looking a bit sad but they were looking worse before I planted them out so I'm confident they'll pick up. But if I killed them I'm very sorry, I didn't mean to do it. I think they'll be OK though.

Finally - strawdleberries! These plants have been there a couple of years now and we get a few more berries each year. Mmm. Strawberries.


  1. You want to be careful, in a couple of years you'll be looking for an allotment xoxoxoxoxo

  2. Very impressive! I still can't tell the difference between weeds and my plants.
    I do have strawberries coming up though!

  3. Ta! I still have some sweetcorns for you, I'll bring them over next week.

  4. Mmmmm, strawberries and sweetcorn ... Not together though, that would be a bit weird!! I don't suppose any of your garden will be ready to eat by the time we come round in a few weeks though :(