Sunday, 1 June 2008

First of June, let's go!

Following on from my previous post, and also under the heading of 'making it up as you go along', this bracelet.

I only really wear bracelets in summer because I don't like to wear them with long sleeves - everything gets tangled up. This one was put together in about half an hour using a couple of metres of leftover sock wool, some buttons from my button box, and a crochet hook. I saw a similar one online (sorry, can't remember where, bad) and felt inspired to have a go, and I'm very pleased with how it turned out! All I did was thread the buttons onto the wool, then chain about three, double-crochet (for Americans: single-crochet) round a button, chain another three or so, go round another button, and so on until it was the length I wanted. Then I chained about six and double-crocheted it back on itself to form a loop. The first button then holds it closed. Very simple and of course you could also use charms, beads etc as well as buttons. You could even crochet little motifs and add those in, although that probably wouldn't hang as well - the buttons give it some weight and are also nice and rattly. I'm easily amused.

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