Sunday, 15 June 2008

Halfway there!

Hooray, I made it halfway through the month, blogging every day! And I haven't once complained about not being able to think of something to write. I've been deliberately trying to avoid that because I know it's annoying. It's been easier than last time I tried this, though, because I've made up a quick list of things that I could write about, and then I refer to that if I can't think of anything new. Don't know why I didn't think of that before.

One of the things I want to improve in my blogging is my photography. I've started to try and put more thought into my photographs, especially where light and composition are concerned, and I've also actually got out the camera manual and found out some helpful things. To help me practise, I've decided that this coming week is going to be a photography week. Each day I'm going to post at least two new photographs, and to give me ideas, I'm going to give each day a colour theme. So:

Monday: Red and pink
Tuesday: Orange and yellow
Wednesday: Green
Thursday: Blue
Friday: Black
Saturday: White
Sunday: Gold/silver/metallic

Tune in tomorrow for the first photographs! Once I've taken some.


  1. Does that mean we'll get pictures of kitty on Tuesday? :)

  2. And Saturday snow???