Saturday, 14 June 2008

Old Projects: Butterfly Picture

This one is from about February I think.

I didn't make this for any particular reason, I was just rummaging through my scrap bag when I found a piece of wadding, and thought I would try making a quilted picture. As you can see, rectangles aren't my strong suit.

The flowers are my favourite bit

The butterfly turned out OK, but I should have put something underneath it, because there's no quilting there and the fabric is a bit puffy. Possibly I didn't pull it flat enough before putting the binding on (although it was tacked down).

This was fun to do but more time-consuming than I expected - especially as after I'd done the interesting picture bit, trying (unsuccesfully) to get it square and sewing on the binding took a long time. I might try a bit more of this in the future though, if I have a specific project that could use it.


  1. That is really nice and is begging to be used for something. Not sure how big it is? One side of a bag to carry baby bits in, with addition of back and handles? xoxoxoxo

  2. Thanks Mum! It isn't really big enough for anything unfortunately, it's about 22cm by 18cm. It's just propped up on the bookshelf behind me at the moment. x

  3. It is very cute! You could take this idea and expand on it to make a larger quilt with lots of interesting things for baby to look at. Pockets with toys on ribbons, bells, buttons, different textured fabric, etc.