Saturday, 5 July 2008

Don't worry, I haven't forgotten you

It seems a long time since I've blogged, but I know I've left it much longer than this before! I needed a little break anyway I think.

Anyway the first thing I have to say is CONGRATULATIONS to my sister Jen and brother-in-law Ram, as they are expecting a baby in January! They had a scan on Wednesday and it was all good. I'm very excited about being an auntie again (Mark has four nieces and I share them) and about Bob having a little cousin so close in age.

Today has been busy busy. In the morning we went over to Milton Keynes and went to Ikea. We went there to get a lampshade, but ended up with some other* bits, like you do. When we've been looking for things for Bob's room, we've had real problems finding cheerful, colourful things, and Ikea has much more of the kind of thing we were looking for. Why are Mothercare and Babies'R'Us so focused on beige? Babies like colours.

Then Mark watched the qualifying for the Formula 1 Grand Prix, and after lunch he has spent many an hour with his flat-packs. He's just gone out to take all the packaging to the tip, so I'm sitting here at the computer. This afternoon I've been sorting out the blind (it was too wide and needed cutting down), and making crochet squares for the cushion cover, and generally helping. Tomorrow I will do some more organising of bits and pieces and then there will be photographs. I am so happy about getting everything sorted! Mark keeps teasing me about nesting but I don't care.

*Those aren't quite the right ones; ours were a bit smaller I think (and only £4.99), and different pictures. But that style.


  1. Congratulations Jen and Ram!!

  2. Awww everything is looking lovely! xoxoxoxo