Friday, 25 July 2008

Everything's better with parrots

Mark likes parrots.

We were in Babies'R'Us the other day and they had a cot mobile there that featured several jungle animals, including a brightly-coloured parrot. Now, the cot mobile we already own also features jungle animals, but no parrots. Mark was sad that our mobile was parrot-less; he wished that we had waited and bought this other, more parrot-orientated mobile instead.

But luckily for him, after an hour with my sewing box and my big bag o'felt, I was able to make this:

Hooray! Now our mobile has a parrot as well.


On a related note, I've found several bloggers recently who are making the cutest things out of felt. My favourites at the moment are paper-and-string, who makes the most gorgeous little smiley-faced people and animals; Bugs and Fishes, who makes lovely felt badges and pictures; and Blooming Felt, who also does the mysterious (to me) needle felting. Take a look! If you like felt. I do.


  1. What a cute parrot! Baby will love it I'm sure. It was reading the Paper-and-String blog that inspired me to have a go with felt - and I love it too - no fraying edges for a start!!

  2. Very fetching :) Sir Parrot will be right at home in the sunny colors of your nursery, I think...

  3. *blush*
    I'm glad my felt addiction is spreading!!
    Your parrot is cool, I love his colours :-)

  4. OMG Anna - small world!!! I was google imaging "felt parrot" to get some ideas for an animal mobile I'm making (I already have the tiger, giraffe & elephant, but i'm rubbish at drawing birds) and on the 1st page I find your blog.
    I have to say your parrot is by far the nicest on google images- and I quite agree everything is better with parrots :-)
    So can I copy him please?
    Love of love,

    Clare (Downes)

  5. Yes of course you may! I'm very amused that my blog came up for felt parrots. I hope your mobile goes well. :)

  6. Not only but the BEST felt parrot on google :-)