Wednesday, 16 July 2008

In July the sun is hot; is it shining, no it's not*

But I still have two new reasons to be happy:

1) I put the fern lace bookmark (see previous post) on Ravelry, as I said, and it already has 24 hearts and is in 20 queues! I was thinking of making up more bookmark patterns, I think I definitely will now. And give all the bookmarks away for Christmas.

This is the original bookmark I made from the fern lace pattern, by the way:

It's not actually being a bookmark at the moment, it's helping me knit the baby blanket, by keeping track of what line of the pattern I'm on. The cotton makes it heavy enough to stay in place nicely on the print-out.

2) I won the giveaway at Contented! Hooray! I'm very pleased, and also amused by the fact that I just did a 50th post giveaway, and then won someone else's 50th post giveaway. So thank you Rachel, and I look forward to receiving the bag and using it to carry my library books about!

Oh, and a third reason to be happy:

Mmm. And a cup of tea, I think.

*From A Song Of The Weather, by Michael Flanders and Donald Swann


  1. Mmm, that teacake would make me happy too!! ;-) Thanks for the link Anna.

  2. Karma in action! Will I get a bookmark for Christmas? Hope so!
    Jen xx