Thursday, 30 April 2009

A bit slow

I only realised today that my new handbag:

is the same colour as the socks I'm knitting:

(OK, they don't look exactly the same colour, but that's the light - they are the same really. The handbag is closest)

That yarn was from the big bag of Freecycle yarn, but I loved the colour and couldn't help but cast on for some socks. These are the River Rapids socks from Sockbug. I love knitting lace; I love watching the pattern come out and it always looks so pretty. The wrong time of year for woolly socks, perhaps, but they're small and light to knit so why not really. At least if I start them in April, they'll definitely be finished for autumn!

Looking back in my blog, I find further evidence of my being a bit slow; last year I wrote about how watching Ashes to Ashes has a detrimental effect on my lace knitting. Last night I was having the same problem. Oh well. I'm getting quite good at tinking back a few stitches.

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