Tuesday, 26 May 2009


The problem is that I've been working on some presents recently, things that are surprises, and I think that posting about them all over the internet might ruin the surprise. So. I've been taking pictures (except of one thing, I forgot), and I'll share them when the time is right.

Makes for boring blogging though.

One other thing I've just started working on is doing some knitting for my Mum - she designs knitting patterns for dolls house items (buy them now at Bitstobuy!), and sells some ready-made dolls house bits on eBay as well. I've started knitting up some of these tiny things for her to sell - they are a bit fiddly but, as they are so small, don't take too long! I knitted an entire jumper on Sunday. I bet there aren't many people who can say that.

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