Monday, 8 June 2009

So what's in the shop?

Warning: blatant self-promotion coming up. :)

I said that I'd re-opened my etsy shop but not what I'd actually put in it. So here's what we have at the moment; and as I update, I'll stick it in the nearest blog post, along with whatever else I have to say.

I re-listed a few things to start with, things that were in there before and didn't sell. A couple of my little cats:

And this little mousey:

I've reduced the original prices on those, to try and get them moving.

I've also put up a few new things I made. This here is a bookmark:

But it is no ordinary bookmark, for it buttons around the spine of the book, meaning it can't fall out or get lost. It's nice and long so it'll fit most sizes of reading book. There're more pictures on the shop listing, and I'm planning on making more of these in difference colours. I have a green one that I use all the time, so if these don't sell, I'm happy to use them myself. :)

And finally, some freeform bracelets:

Freeform as in, I started at one end with some yarn, a hook and some beads and buttons, and stopped when it was bracelet length. These were really fun to make, and I see some more of these in my future as well!

So let me know what you think! I'd love some feedback. And also if anyone has any ideas of things they would like to see, that would be great too!


  1. I love your crochet buttoned bookmarks! So cute! Where did you find the pattern? I have been searching for some fun bookmark patterns and I came across your blog here.

  2. Hi Risa, thanks for your comment! I made up the pattern myself, just playing around with a hook and some yarn. I might put the pattern up at some point in the future but I don't know (and it probably wouldn't be for quite a while).

  3. Well, it's really cute, let me know if you get it up, it looks like a lot of fun! :)