Tuesday, 30 June 2009

The sun has got his hat on

Lovely hot weather this week - I do love the sun! Unfortunately my skin doesn't so I've been applying plenty of sun cream (to the baby also). That's the only thing I dislike about summer, really.

I've been doing some designing lately - a new top for the baby (hope to get the pattern written up for that and put it up on Ravelry), and a dolls house bedspread (which is on hold because I've run out of the 2-ply yarn - fortunately I'm going to see my supplier (Mum) next weekend). Designing is fun! But can be frustrating. Especially when I learn that I and my maths A-level can't count to 4.

And because blog posts are better with pictures, here's the skirt I sewed a few weeks ago, the last time the weather was hot. I sort-of followed a pattern (a Simplicity one I think....no idea on the number) and simplified some bits.

I like this picture because I look very slim. Also short-legged, but I'm used to looking short-legged by now.

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