Wednesday, 3 June 2009

What do you get if cross a TINY sheep with a TINY kangaroo

A tiny woolly jumper!

That's the first piece of miniature knitting I did, the one that Mum had to sew up. She sent me a photo so I could put it up here. Thanks Mum! I've finished the first miniature cardigan, as well, then I put down my tiny needles for a couple of days to work on my (person-sized) purple cardigan. I've also been doing a bit of dressmaking; I wanted a denim skirt, and couldn't find one I liked, and then remembered that a couple of years ago a friend sent me a pattern for an A-line skirt and some fabrics, one of which was a denim. So I've been working on that, and it's nearly finished - just need to do the bottom hem. Hopefully I'll get that done tonight. Then I can get the husband to take some photos and show you all!

I've also decided to re-open my shop (link in the top right). Not much there at the moment but I've got more bits to add in, slowly. Please take a look!

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