Thursday, 16 July 2009


I knitted a tiny little blanket, with a lovely lace pattern, and I took a picture, but now the card-reader in my PC is playing up and hiding from the operating system. The little light is on so I know it's connected. I have a degree in Computing Science and this stuff still makes me go gnnnaaaaah. Ugh.

Also, I finished the purple lace cardigan! And you can't see a photo of that, either, I'm afraid. Hopefully soon. I had to rip out a whole big section and redo it because I did the raglan decreases all wrong; I've very little experience of decreasing in lace, and the pattern wasn't written very clearly, it seemed to assume that you already knew what you were doing. Second time worked out though, with the help of a lot of counting.

Right, time for some percussive maintenance on my card reader. Wish me luck.

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