Saturday, 14 November 2009

Thank you cards

Today I had some fun making little thank you cards to pop into my parcels when I send them out. I have a black* laser printer and I was using that to make 'with compliments' slips, but that seemed a bit formal. I was sorting out my craft drawer the other day - the place I keep everything that's paper-y, rather than fabric-y or yarn-y - and I threw away a big bag of stuff, but it still seems just as full. And also it made me want to actually use some of the stuff that's in there. So I go out some pieces of coloured and interesting paper:

And I printed out the essential information onto plain paper, with a space to write a little note:

And I got together some more useful supplies:

And I made some cards!

The sticker albums are full of stickers that I collected many years ago when I was at school. Everyone collected them and swapped them and, very occasionally, stuck one or two on something. And now I am actually using them.

I don't do a lot of paper-y crafts but this was fun and I see some more card-making in my future (especially if the orders keep seems like everyone wants a tiny cardigan for Christmas!).

*I always feel silly calling it a 'black and white' printer. It doesn't print white. If I put coloured paper in, there's no white at all.


  1. I still have my sticker album and I still often look through it...I could never take the stickers out!