Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Baking with Laura

Laura and I made some fairy cakes (which I realise now I completely neglected to take a photo of - next time). Laura chose red icing and after putting on some of that, we decorated them with dolly mixtures - and I clearly have a fantastically well-behaved child, because after being told the sweeties were for the cakes and not to eat, she didn't try to sneak even one! Or maybe she was ramming them in her mouth every time I turned my back. But I don't think so.

I followed my friend Sarah's tip for baking with small children - when you measure out the ingredients, put a quarter or so in a separate bowl, and let the child have at that while you mix up the rest properly. Then even if they do dump theirs all over the floor (or sneeze in it) you know there'll still be cake. On this occasion I was able to mix all of Laura's mixture in with mine, but it felt good to have the contingency plan.

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