Friday, 26 November 2010

Cold cold cold brrr

I started working from home in January 2006, and I've been at home with babies since August 2008, and it's only this week that I finally remembered to ask Mark to change the settings on the central heating so that the heating will be on all day during the week (he knows how to do it, and I could probably figure it out, but I've been meaning to ask him because it'll be quicker. Hmm). For nearly five years I've had a warm house in the morning, then by lunchtime the heating has been off for a couple of hours and it gets pretty cold, so I turn it on manually, then it takes an hour or two to warm up again. Yesterday the house was warm ALL DAY LONG. It was amazing.

The other day, quite by coincidence, I had to do three sewing/mending jobs. A button came off my coat, and a pair of my hand-knitted socks sprang a hole so I darned them, and the zip seam on the armchair cushion had come away a bit. I like to think of these things as being more like DIY than anything else. I also patched a pair of Laura's jeans (with dark pink hearts) and they turned out pretty cute, maybe at some point I will remember to take a picture. Or more likely not.

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  1. I'll drop off a couple of my jumpers that need darning or whatever it is