Friday, 7 January 2011

Rosie & Raggles

They do not make a single piece of merchandise or toy for the CBeebies programme Everything's Rosie. Which is really quite shocking if you think about it. And Laura loves this programme so I knew she would love a Rosie of her own.

Good job she has a crafty mummy!

I made Rosie using the Ragdoll pattern by Debbie Bliss. I made her head twice as large as the pattern said (Rosie has a big head), the top is based on one of my miniature knitting patterns and the skirt was improvised. Her hair is strips of felt.

Laura was ecstatic when she received Rosie - but immediately asked where Raggles, Rosie's rabbit friend, was. I was quite amused that she assumed that if I'd make Rosie, I must have made Raggles as well.

Fortunately I already had the wool! I've made amigurumi in the past so I just improvised the pattern for Raggles.

Both the dolls were fun to make, I loved the challenge of trying to work out how to make the toys looks like the characters. They took a week or two each to make, but it's worth it to see her carrying them about, and hugging them, and saying cheerfully 'Mummy made them for Laura!' I love making things for someone who really appreciates them.


  1. How clever you are? They are gorgeous. I don't suppose you have a pattern for Mr Tumble lol.xx

  2. Thank you!

    We don't watch Mr Tumble in this house, I can't stand him! I'm just worried I'm going to get requests for all the Show Me Show Me toys ;)

  3. Perhaps you should contact the programme and say as they don't sell merchandise can you sell the patterns???

  4. These are adorable - and so is your little girl!