Monday, 21 March 2011

My parents came up to visit last week and I was talking with Mum about miniature knitting, specifically for tiny BJD (like the things I sell in my Etsy shop) and I've decided to make some new patterns and maybe make up a pattern book to sell.

Mum had brought up her dolly and she kindly let me borrow her to try and make her a new wardrobe

And also sent me lots of her thin wool in plenty of pretty colours

I have lots of plans for cute items for the little dolls, Lati Yellows etc are usually dressed like little girls and I have plenty of little girls around for inspiration.


  1. What a pair of cutie pies - the children I mean!

  2. Love the new hair style! xoxoxoxo M

  3. Those tiny knits are adorable! And I thought socks knit small... lol :)

    Your girls are so cute. :) I love the pigtails. :)