Friday, 22 April 2011

Knitting Pattern: Toddler Crown

Laura's paper crown finally fell to pieces, so I said I would make her one that would last a bit longer. I asked her what colour she wanted and she said pink. So this is what we ended up with.

I used some Patons Symphony that I had hanging around the place. It's a soft chunky yarn in variegated pinks and purples. I invented the pattern. And after it was knitted, I blinged it up a bit with some beads, sequins, buttons etc that I had. Laura thinks it's great so I'm very pleased with that day's work!

Here's the pattern.

Garter Stitch Toddler Crown

I used chunky wool and 5mm needles, but anything would work really. Using a needle a bit smaller than recommended for the yarn is probably a good idea because that makes the points stand up a bit better.

kfb = knit into front and back of stitch

Cast on 6. Knit two rows.
1: sl1, k4, kfb
2: kfb, k6
3: sl1, k6, kfb
4: kfb, k8
5: sl1, k8, kfb
6: kfb, k10
7: sl1, k11
8: cast off 6, k6

Repeat rows 1-8 until the crown is the same length as your child's head is round. Knit two rows plain. Cast off and sew ends together. Decorate with whatever shiny things you can find.


  1. Lovely - thanks! Now I just need a toddler to knit one for...

  2. I made this for my granddaughter. Looked all over for a pattern and this one was easy - done in a few hours. I adorned hers with sparkle stones on the tip of each crown and then put purple sprinkles on it (the crown is pink). Thank you so much for posting this -- I will now have a very happy granddaughter