Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Something Completely Different


After all that knitting, I felt like doing a bit of hand-sewing, and I had a project in mind. I wanted to do a bit of old-fashioned hexagon patchwork. I had a rummage around in my fabric box and found that I had a lot of bits of blue, so that's what we ended up with.

It's going to be a quilt for Laura's doll, Baby, because that's about how far my attention span will take it. I explained to Laura what I was making and now she keeps handing me pieces of it and saying 'You sew it, Mummy. Sew the blanket for mine baby.'

I have some blue bias-binding and some suitable fabric for a backing. One thing I'm enjoying about this project is that I haven't bought a single thing for it, everything is from my existing stash - all of the patches are made from old clothes and off-cuts. It makes me feel terribly thrifty.

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