Sunday, 22 May 2011


I have finished the doll quilt and have been trying to get a photograph of it but it's not going well; I usually only remember at naptime, when Laura is tucked up in her bed with Teddy, Daisy, Baby, Baby's new blanket, Bagpuss, Other Daisy, Rosie, Raggles, Makka-pakka and her pig puppet. Soon I hope to remember while she is awake and the blanket is available to me for photography. It turned out very well, although not quite as wide as I expected. But better than I hoped considering I did not measure, press or machine-sew one single thing.

But anyway. Here is Felicity!

She's my new Pukifee Cupid! She's here to help me with modelling and pattern designing. As soon as her hair turns up I'm going to re-photograph all my doll clothes and patterns, and at the moment we're working together on the next book, Lati Yellow and Pukifee knitting patterns for summer and sunny days.

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  1. She looks lovely and summery! Congratulations on your new knitting books, I see they are in flying off the shelf.