Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Crafting like it's 1995

So the baby finally completely destroyed my watch strap. I've recently acquired some packs of mixed embroidery silks from a house clearance (long story) and I've been thinking of making some old-style friendship bracelets, so I chose some cheerful colours and tried to remember how to do it.

Not too shabby! Muscle memory is amazing. I must have made hundreds of these bracelets when I was a teenager, all of us sitting in a row on the school wall with the bracelets safety-pinned to our school skirts, knotting away.

I finished this one off with a button and neatly sewed the ends under. I need to put a drop of glue on them to make sure it doesn't all unravel at an inopportune moment.

I'm trying to remember some of the more complicated patterns now. And maybe beads? Hmm.


  1. That's great! You were always loads better at these than me. I could only do a basic stripe. I bet there are loads of tutorials on Pinterest!

  2. haha! I loved friendship bracelets. I have books for them somewhere. Now I kind of want to make some again... :) Though, the adult part of me dreads using so much embroidery floss like that when I could be cross stitching or embroidering, lol. :)

  3. What a great idea! :) I used to make these bracelets when I was in school! This is an awesome way to use them! :) Thanks for sharing!