Thursday, 25 August 2011

Summer fun

I couldn't think what to blog about, so I went for my usual technique of rummaging about on my camera for photographs. And found some from the local children's centre summer fun day. I went with the girls and we had a good time!

Laura had her face painted and ate ice cream

and she went on the bouncy castle

and we met Peppa Pig, which was less of a success (Laura wouldn't go any closer to her than about 3 metres so I don't have a photo of that).

By the way, if you have small children, and you want to do fun things with them, you need to read my sister's blog, Jennifer's Little World. She has so many good ideas! None of which include scaring your children witless with six-foot tall character costumes.


  1. Thank you for the shout out!

    The fun day looks good. Although that Peppa Pig is terrifying! Harry is a massive fan but I think he would have been scared!

  2. Laura was so excited about Peppa Pig being there - she asked every day for a week if she was going to meet Peppa Pig. And then she was quite scared. I felt really bad for her. Obviously I did try and explain in advance that Peppa would be quite tall, was only there to say hello and not to play etc, but still.