Thursday, 15 September 2011

Halloween Knitting Patterns for Pukifee and Lati Yellow

So here's what's in my Hallowe'en book! It's more of a supplement really, just a small collection of fun patterns.

As well as the miniature pumpkin (about 1.5"/3.5cm in diameter)

you can also make this pumpkin hat

a cute black cat trick or treat bag

and this cloak and hat for a wicked witch (or a wizard!).

(the black dress there is made using the Pixie Dress pattern in my first ebook, Brilliant Basics).

The pattern ebook costs £4.

All the items in the book are also now listed in my Etsy shop, so click here if you'd like a tiny pumpkin or witch outfit for your doll, without the effort of making it yourself. :)

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  1. I love the tiny pumpkin, and the bag, and the witch hat, and the cloak....well all of them really