Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Mr. Dinosaur

Laura has recently become a fan of Peppa Pig. Peppa, as I'm sure all of you with small children are aware, has a little brother called George, and George has a favourite toy called Mr. Dinosaur. Laura has now decided that her favourite colour is green (it was, previously, red) and she also informed me that she needed a dinosaur. We had a look at Ravelry together and chose the Baby Snow Dragon crochet pattern by Marjorie Jones. Et voilĂ .

I modified the pattern a bit to point it a bit more dinosaur-wards. I left off the ears and the eyelids, and I made the spine points out of felt because I didn't want them to match the body, but Laura insisted they needed to be green and I didn't have another shade of green yarn handy.

Next up - a felt book with lots of sewn-on buttons for Emily. Child is obsessed with buttons.