Monday, 3 October 2011


Laura and I have made a robot.

I did the construction (cardboard boxes, think one was from oatcakes, one from toothpaste, and one was an eggbox) and Laura did the decorating (with squares of silver paper, sparkly pipe cleaners and an awful lot of PVA glue and glitter glue). I also found an R for Robot ('What's his name?' 'Robots don't have names, Mummy.') and made his face.

Laura says he's the best robot ever. I'm inclined to agree.


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  2. He is a lovely robot! I'm on the lookout for boxes now so that we can make one!

  3. Jen, just make sure you collect lots of boxes, because you might need to make lots of robots! Laura loves making them, I hope Harry does too x

  4. Thanks so much for joining my Weekend Wonders blog party last week. It was much appreciated! Hope to see you again soon.