Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Songs you sing to your children

I got this one from my sister Jen (it's her birthday tomorrow, happy birthday Jen!).

I sing around the house a lot. A lot a lot. A lot of the time it's variations on the same song, a song about whichever child is nearest at the time, to whatever tune is in my head at the time. For example, to You Are My Sunshine we might have 'You are my Emily, you are so lovely, you are so cuddly, every day' etc.

But there's also a lot of musical theatre. I sing Someone Else's Story from Chess a lot. Also The Story Of Chess, I Sit In The Sun from Salad Days, Hello Young Lovers from The King & I, and Joseph starting from the beginning (last night making dinner I got all the way up to One More Angel In Heaven).

Emily's favourite song is Nelly the Elephant. For some reason it makes her stop crying pretty much all the time. Sometimes just the first line ('To Bombay, a travelling circus came') does the trick. No idea why. Laura usually asks for Peter Rabbit Has A Fly Upon His Nose or Mm-mm Went The Little Green Frog. They both like old campfire songs as well as nursery rhymes and playgroup songs. And Laura always wants to sing the Bob the Builder theme song.

If you want to post about this, consider yourself tagged!


  1. Wheezyanna, wheezyanna, down where the watermelons grow (and they've all got pips in....)

  2. Glad that I'm not the only one to make up suitable lyrics to existing songs! Thanks for taking part!