Monday, 24 October 2011


I started writing this post about a month ago and just now found it, unfinished. But I think it's still a good one so here goes.

Inspired once again by my lovely sister, Laura made some suncatchers.

You need some clear sticky-backed plastic. I managed to pick up a few rolls at Tesco for only 18p each which I thought was quite a bargain! Cut out a rectangular piece, put it plastic side down on the table, and unpeel and fold back the paper on one half. I used blue-tack to hold the plastic against the table and the paper back in place.

Then give your small child some bits of tissue paper, sequins, short bits of yarn, anything you like, and have them stick them onto the plastic. The tissue paper worked particularly well.

Then is the tricky bit - once the suncatcher is declared complete, pull off all the paper, and caaaarefully fold the sticky plastic back over the decorated portion and smooth it into place. I will freely admit that most of Laura's ended up a bit creasy in places, it's harder than it sounds!

Edit: and now I've found one of the finished ones, I can add a photo! Here is one of Laura's creations:

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  1. A really cool but easy idea - I like it - now all we need is some sun!