Monday, 28 November 2011


My sister Jen tagged me in this one. So thank you Jen and here are seven things about me (that she may already know, being my sister, but the rest of your possibly don't).

1. I have grapheme-to-colour synaesthesia. Numbers and letters have a clear colour that doesn't change. I think it helps my spelling, among other things (for example, definitely is clearly not spelt definately, because that A is a big splash of red in the middle of the word).

2. I've seen the musical Starlight Express more than sixty times on stage - 52 in London, twice on tour in the UK, the rest in Bochum in Germany.

3. My middle name is the same as my sister's married surname (well, spelt differently).

4. I'm very introverted and need a certain amount of time a day in a room by myself or else I feel like I'm going mad.

5. I don't drink fizzy drinks, alcohol or coffee as they all taste very bitter to me. I don't like alcohol-flavoured anything (chocolates, sauces etc) because of the taste.

6. I'm a humanist.

7. I know the full English lyrics to It's A Small World.

I'm supposed to tag 15 (!) people but it's late and I'm tired. Maybe next time.

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