Saturday, 31 December 2011

So long 2011

I'm not one of those people who ends every year by saying 'Well, this year was awful! I hope next year is better because this one was terrible!' and then say the exact same thing the next New Year's Eve. Last year I certainly couldn't say 2010 was bad, because 2010 was when my sweet little Emily was born. And I don't think 2011 was that awful either. It was incredibly stressful, probably the most stressful year of my life, what with my husband's redundancy and the nearly five months he was unemployed, and the building work that started shortly after he began his new job. But that new job is working out really well and has a lot of potential, and the building work is pretty much finished and the house is amazing (and also has a lot of potential as we get everything in place and sorted out).

I didn't get as much done in 2011 as I'd like, and this autumn/into winter in particular seems to have been pretty un-productive from a crafty point of view. But I did make three BJD pattern books this year, and I did get the Wind The Bobbin Up website up and running, among other things.

So I'm now making my plans for 2012 - personal, business, and crafty. While I won't say 2011 was terrible, on balance, I think I'd like a more straightforward, relaxing year next year. But as long as I have my little family around me, I'll happily take whatever I get.

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  1. How lucky you are to have such an optimistic outlook on life :)