Friday, 13 January 2012

Crochet blankets

While we're talking about crochet blankets, I must show you my favourite Pinterest board, my crochet blankets one. I don't like to put any of the pictures here because they all belong to other people, but go and look at the board. I love it so much. All those amazing colours and combinations, stripes and spots and squares, brights and pastels and darks and lights. Although mainly brights. They make me want to do nothing but make beautiful colourful crochet blankets for the rest of my life. Although my hand would probably fall off.

I do have some more crochet planned, though. We bought some chairs for the new kitchen (it's so big! There's room for chairs!) and they're cream and quite plain. Ikea Poang chairs for those as are interested. We've (I've) chosen green tiles so I'm going to make some green crochet cushion covers for the chairs. Once I find a pattern, and some cushion inners, and the right yarn. Husband says, 'Can't we just buy some green cushions?'. The answer is No.

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