Monday, 30 January 2012

Cushions cushions cushions

I ordered some cushion pads from eBay and they arrived the other day. So I started work on a cover for one of them. I went through my DK yarn and dug out all the different shades of green, and have started making little squares, inspired rather by this crochet blanket I saw on Pinterest.

I'm not sure if the holes in the corners of the squares are large enough that I'll have to line the cover. Hopefully not because that would be a faff.

Incidentally, have I ever mentioned how much I love my Kindle? I've had it* for over a year now and am still completely in love with it. You can put it on your knee and read while you knit/crochet! You can hold it in one hand and read while you cook! You can read weighty tomes without giving yourself wrist sprain! Oh how I love it.

In other news, the husband has taught Emily (18 months) how to high-five and it's just as hilariously adorable as you think it is.

*I'm actually on my second Kindle because when the first one was nearly a year old, I put it down on top of the fridge, then later I opened the fridge door and sent the Kindle flying across the room and broke the screen. Amazon replaced it free of charge even though I told them it was my fault, and it was seriously eleven and a half months old (I only rang up because I was wondering how much it would cost to have them repair it maybe). Amazon customer service is amazing. Seriously.

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