Friday, 6 January 2012

Daddy Scrapbook

Blogger tells me this is post 200, but I haven't planned anything for it! I have blogged quite a lot this week. I've had a few shop things to post about, though.

Anyway, this post is about something I started with Laura a year or two ago. I got the idea from an online friend. I've called it a Daddy Scrapbook, because that's who ours is for, but you could just make one for yourself!

You need:
A scrapbook or large notebook
A4 paper, pens, pencils etc
Small child

We started our book for I think Father's Day 2010, when Laura was a bit under two years old. On each Father's Day, Christmas and Daddy's birthday, I ask Laura to draw a picture for Daddy on a sheet of A4. I take some photos of her drawing and get them printed. Then I mount the picture and the photos in the scrapbook, on facing pages, and label with her name and the occasion.

Laura doing her Christmas 2011 picture, um, yesterday

This Father's Day I'm going to get Emily to join in. We've not done a huge number of pages so far, but it's already fun to look back at the pictures and the photos, and I know it'll make a wonderful keepsake for my husband (hopefully he'll always let me look at it too).

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