Thursday, 12 January 2012

Emily's blanket

I was looking for the post where I first talked about Emily's blanket and I can't find it; obviously I didn't write one! Woops. Anyway. Emily's blanket, which I've been mentioning for the last month or so, is being made as a throw for her Big Girl Bed, which she doesn't have yet but should do by the summer. I thought if I started early, then it might be finished in time. Maybe.

I decided on the Summer Garden blog pattern from Attic24. It's a variation on the granny square, with a circular shape in the middle that makes it look like a flower. I'm going to make some larger blocks too to make it a bit different. And this is what I have so far, yesterday, when I was laying out the small blocks I'd made on the floor to see how I wanted the colours to go.

But there was one problem.

It's a good job she's so cute.


  1. Lovely blanket and Emily is really cute.

  2. Your blanket is gorgeous! I am trying to make one while my OH is away - but my granny squares are plain colours and after looking at yours I wish I'd made them more interesting. It is my first crochet project and my grannies keep growing in size!

  3. Thank you ladies! I am loving mixing up all the colours, it's so cheerful, just what I need in January!

    Good luck with the crochet SMM, the good thing about blankets is that you don't have to make all your squares the same, you could make eg some all blue, some all green, some blue and green striped etc and when sewn together it will look great :)

  4. Emily is very cute!Thank you so much for linking this to my blog party, I really appreciate it! Hope to see you again soon x