Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Listography - Top 5 Biscuits

I haven't done the Listography from Kate Takes 5 before, but when I saw that it was favourite biscuits, I couldn't resist. Biscuits are my favourite snack and narrowing this down to five was very difficult! But here goes.

1. Tunnock's Tea Cakes - same as Kate I know but they are lovely!

2.Chocolate Hob-Nobs - I only buy these when they're on special offer, because they're a bit pricy, and also because if I bought them every time I went to the supermarket I would eat nothing but Hob-Nobs. I am serious.

3.Chocolate Digestives - the biscuit I probably eat most of. Tesco Value chocolate digestives are 44p a packet and still very nice. Yum yum.

4.Bourbons - bourbons are nostalgic for some reason. Make me feel like a little kid. Drink-and-a-biscuit always seemed to be a bourbon.

5.Custard Creams - sometimes I'm not in the mood for chocolate (it's very rare, but it does happen) and a custard cream is just the thing.


  1. Hello, Just started to follow your blog after seeing you on the 'Love all Blogs' discussion board.

    I love the idea of this post but Hob Nobs would would be my No1!

  2. Hi Rebecca, thanks for your comment!

    It depends a bit on how you define biscuit I suppose, do Tea Cakes count? Hob Nobs are definitely my number one traditionally-shaped biscuit. :)