Sunday, 1 January 2012

New Years Resolutions

1. A fair amount of my house is currently all shiny and new. While I do not anticipate this state of affairs lasting indefinitely, I would like to prolong it as far as possible. This may be more possible than in the past as Laura will be at pre-school five mornings a week this term (previously she only did three).

2. Due to the size and beauty of my new kitchen, I think I should use it as much as possible and do more baking. Possibly I may decide upon one afternoon a week when Laura and I can bake together (Emily sleeps in the afternoons so will not need entertaining or distracting).

3. Try and do something creative or crafty every day. I pretty much do anyway so this one should hopefully be easy, unless I'm ill or completely ridiculously busy.

Oh and

4. I really need to do some ironing tomorrow because the husband is back at work on Tuesday.

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