Friday, 20 January 2012

WIP Friday

It's Friday, so here are my Works In Progress!

First up is Emily's blanket. Still working along on this, trying to do a square or two every day. I laid out all the colours in rainbow order the other day and I think I need some more yellow, other than that the colours I have are pretty balanced. I have a lot of green to use but that's a good thing because this is the same yarn I'm going to use for the green cushions in the kitchen.

And I cast on some socks with my new Regia sock yarn. I chose Kalajoki by Tiina Seppälä because I wanted something fairly plain, to show the colours of the yarn, but not completely plain, so I didn't get bored knitting them. These socks are mainly stocking stitch with a rib 'river' meandering down the front, which is perfect.

And finally it's the miniature knitting again. Still working on my sweaters knitting pattern book for Pukifee. At the moment I'm working on a lacy cardigan for spring, then I plan to chart up some different motifs for the front of a picture jumper.

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