Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Mark's guest blog

Ok so I guess you are reading this hoping to hear some amazing craft type things Anna has been up to. But she is busy. Why is she busy I hear you ask? Well……

We’ve been through a massive program of building works which is pretty much over. However I wanted to somehow try and do two things this evening. Firstly I wanted to paint the new downstairs wc and secondly I wanted to try and finish all the filling of walls that needed to be done under the stairs in the old part of the house.

So Anna has been painting the downstairs wc

While I filled the holes in the walls

I finished earlier than Anna so she joked that either I should paint or I could blog for her. So here I am.

Normally every evening Anna would either be found here

Writing blogs, checking forums or playing games. Or she would be found here

Knitting or doing something involving yarn of some type or other.

Anyway I wanted to tell you all about our trip to the theatre the other week. We were offered complimentary tickets (comps) to go and see the tour of Legally Blonde at the new (ish) Waterside theatre in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire.

The theatre is a very nice modern theatre designed around trying to remind the audience member of some sort of woodland, therefore the walls are very wooden with very nice built in LED lighting. The only thing that freaked me out about the theatre was that they projected advertisements onto the Iron Curtain (Safety Curtain) at the interval. The legroom is also very good.

The production of Legally Blonde was good. I had seen a recording of the Broadway production and our version had a very cut down set to allow it to tour weekly. The performances were very good and the lighting which had been relit for the tour by Alastair Grant and Stuart Porter was very well done and in keeping with the original style. My only technical thought was that the sound was low in volume. Anna said she enjoyed herself too!

Last week was busy at work with open evening etc. my first year students created a sound to light show for the occasion and I was very proud of their results as it was only two hours of work.

This week Anna has been swimming with Laura and been out to lunch with her friends to allow Laura to play with her friend too.

Tomorrow until Saturday we have the builders back to do some work for us. To allow us to go out as a family we are going to visit an open farm which also has birds of prey.

Friday I am going to rip apart part of the kitchen to sort out an issue of levels within the floor. I will then decorate that part of the house before putting it back together so it will be a busy few days while I am on leave from work.

Anyway I hope you are still reading this, normal crafty type service will be resumed with the next post!

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  1. Nice to get a diffent perspective! Watch out she will get you knitting next