Friday, 2 March 2012

My tea set

My grandma had a pretty tea set that I'd seen in her cupboards and always liked. It wasn't too fancy but had a really lovely pattern of blue and pink flowers. When she died when I was 20, and my parents were sorting out her things, I remembered the tea set and asked my mum if I could have it. She told me that she was very sorry but that one had already gone to the charity shop.

When I was 23 I got married and the husband and I bought this house. Since I now had a loft to call my own, every time my parents came to visit they brought with them a box of my belongings from their own loft. And one time they turned up with this box.


Isn't that pretty? It's been in our loft for a few years because we didn't have anywhere to put a pretty tea set. But now, in the new big kitchen (which the husband is tiling behind me as I type, love him), we have a dresser (the in-laws were getting rid of theirs so yay free dresser!), and I can get out my tea set and admire its prettiness whenever I want.

Now I just need to have a tea party. With no more than four guests.


  1. Do you mean that it didn't go to the charity shop after all, is that the one?

  2. Yes that is the one Mum! I don't know if we were thinking of different things or you got confused. But you had found the one I wanted and put it aside for me. :)

  3. That's a really pretty teaset, and nice that you are now able to have it out on display :)