Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Simply Sweaters: BJD Lati Yellow & Pukifee Knitting Patterns

I've finally finished my latest Pukifee knitting patterns ebook! It's called Simply Sweaters and it contains nine patterns for different styles of sweater, jumper or cardigan.

Included are:

- plain sweater
- snowflake sweater, with three extra motif charts (heart, teddy and button)
- cabled aran sweater
- yoked fair-isle sweater
- lace cardigan
- wrap cardigan
- sideways cardigan
- bolero cardigan
- sweater dress

Cabled aran sweater

To see all the patterns, why not check out the ebook on Ravelry. Or you can browse the set on Flickr.

Snowflake sweater

Simply Sweaters: Knitting Patterns for Pukifee and Lati Yellow is only £6 and you can buy it now through Ravelry. You don't have to be a Ravelry member.

All the patterns use 2-ply/laceweight yarn and 2mm needles. Miniature knitting is a lot easier than it looks, so go on, give it a try. :)

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