Sunday, 8 April 2012

Happy Easter!

There are lots of recipes for nest cakes out there - mine is basically two heaped tablespoons each of golden syrup and butter, with a heaped teaspoon of cocoa, melted in a big saucepan and boiled for a few minutes, then mix in as many rice crispies as will go nicely. Then spoon into cases and add a couple of mini eggs.

Laura has had the chicken pox over the last ten days or so but she's all better now and her spots are nearly cleared up. We're still waiting to see whether Emily has escaped or not.

In other news, I recently started a Zazzle shop, using some of my doodles and drawings. I'm going to add more things as I go along. Let me know what you think!

There are changes afoot in my Etsy shop as welll - more on that soon. Once I have actually made the changes.

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