Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Pevensey Cardigan pattern now available!

Sorry about that - I disappeared for a bit there, didn't I. Mainly, to be honest, because the weather has been so lovely, and I've been forced to spend my time keeping everyone covered in suncream, filling the paddling pool, pushing the swing and refilling sippy cups.

But today! Today I finally finished, and launched, Pevensey.

Pevensey is a summer cardigan for a little girl, sized from 12 months to 5 years. The plain stocking stitch is made beautiful by the addition of lace at the hem and cuffs, and a pretty bow or button as fastening. It is worked in one piece from the bottom up with minimal finishing required. The double-knitting weight yarn means it knits up quickly.

Made in cotton this would be a lovely summer cardi, in something warmer it would be perfect for winter as well.

Click here to buy the pattern now!

Now I need to finish writing up the glove pattern because I know mother is eager to get started on test knitting them! Fifteen minutes before the school run. Hmm.


  1. It is a lovely pattern! Very pretty for little girls.

  2. Gorgeous cardigan, love the little lacy bits around the bottom!