Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Pevensey cardigan

Last week got away from me a bit. Very busy, and then the busy bank holiday weekend with lots to do, and not much time for blogging. I did have time for knitting, though! And this is what I made.

I've called this cardigan Pevensey. It's a cardigan for a little girl and has lace at the hem and cuffs, and a ribbon fastening. I think it's so so pretty. It finally turned out just how I hoped! It's being test knit at the moment and should be available for sale hopefully by the start of the summer.


  1. That is just so pretty! Is there an option to put a button or fastening at the neck rather than the ribbon? I can see the ribbon ending up in dinner, dribble etc. Is the ribbon detachable so that it can be added for special occasions?

  2. The ribbon there is just decorative, the bow is sewn onto one side of the cardigan and there's a snap fastening underneath (in the pictures of Emily you can see that I hadn't put the ribbon on yet!). So yes you could use a button instead, or just a snap, or hook-and-eye, anything really. I just like the way the bow looks. And I take hand-knit cardigans off children before dinner anyway. :)